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Four-Wall Medipoint MPHP Standard 2400 x 3000 Click on Photo

Four-Wall Medipoint MPHP Standard 2400 x 3000 Click on Photo


Four-Wall stand-alone MPHP Standard 2400 mm x 3000 mm.

You are probably already aware of which products don’t do well in your pharmacy by looking at the sales data. You also need to find out from your patients which products they prefer to buy elsewhere AND importantly you need to find out which New Treatment Services to offer in your new MPHP. The best way to find this out is to kindly ask your patients to complete a Questionnaire.

The Questionnaire having been completed by your patients will identify which products not to stock although it may be an idea to keep an emergency box behind the counter or in the stock room with a small quantity of certain items. The Questionnaire is important because it will identify which services you need to be offering in your pharmacy when your Medipoint Health Pharm is installed.

Your Medipoint Health Pharm specification includes:

  • Quality flooring which “lips” up the walls similar to Hospital applications with MPHP small logos on the flooring to help build identity.
  • MPHP logo on the access door.
  • Recycled materials providing a clean white finish.
  • Self-contained water and waste system.
  • Hemp wool insulation for sound and temperature control.
  • Desk

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